Mind-boggling photo of friends leaves people stumped at how many are in picture


It’s finally Wednesday, we’re more than halfway through February, and although our brain cells feel frazzled from lockdown life, this optical illusion might perk people up.

Once again, people on the internet are arguing.

They’ve been left scratching their heads and debating a mind-bending photograph.

The question on everyone’s lips is: “How many people are in this photo?”

Lots of people think three – and it’s easy to see why.

The image, shared on Twitter, has gone viral with more than 46,000 retweets.

The original poster said: “My brain refuses to believe there are 4 people in this photo.”

And lots of people agreed.

One stumped social media user asked: “I’m confused… why are there only “3” arms, yet “4” bottles?”

Another joked: “Looking at this photo asking myself if I’m blind or if there’s something more going on here.”

A third said: “That reminds me of an old joke, the sergeant said to the private, I didn’t see you at the camouflage training this morning, the private said, thank you sergeant.”

And it took one kind internet user to point it out – the fourth person is wearing a camouflage jacket.

But still, some people were left feeling confused, with one admitting:”It took me 3 days to find him.”

Others insisted they spotted it straightway – putting many of us to shame.

One proud mum commented: “Autistic daughter saw it right away but it took me several minutes and zooming way in.”

Another proudly added: “For real? i spotted the 4th arm immediately.”

Meanwhile, a lovely wintry image of the snow left people An both ‘disoriented’ and ‘confused.’

The image has divided opinion as to what exactly people are seeing – is it a human or a dog?