Man’s pancakes spark outrage as people say it’s ‘worse than Weetabix and beans’


A man has come under fire after sharing his controversial pancake toppings in honour of Shrove Tuesday.

The social media user, known only as Mikey G, shared a picture of the dish to the Rate My Plate group on Twitter and users were disgusted.

Rate My Plate is a community where people upload pictures of their weirdest and most wonderful dishes to be judged by fellow foodies – and the latest creation to be judged was Mikey’s.

On the plate were two crepes that appear to be filled with tomato salsa and fish fingers, two of which had been used as both decoration and to hold the two pancakes together.

The post was simply captioned: “Fish Fingers wrapped in a Pancake by Mikey G.”

Since being shared with the group, Mikey’s dish has caused an uproar amongst users who thought his filling was “questionable”.

One person said: “I thought beans and [Weetabix] was the worst food combo I could ever see but this is far worse.”

Another commented: “This is the clear signalling of a psychopath.”

“So you really went sweet and savoury AND salsa huh?” asked a third user.

While a fourth said: “My brain will not accept the concept of fish fingers and tomato sauce in pancakes.”

Another wrote: “Ham and cheese I can get on board with but not this.”

Others weren’t opposed to the controversial flavours as one Twitter user put: “The filling is questionable, but there’s some skill in those pancakes. I’m going to allow it.”

A second admitted: “I’d actually give that a go.”