Incredible house that resembles the Royal Albert Hall inside listed for sale


A five-bedroom family home has gone on the market for £1,074,982 -and viewers of the incredible property have been left stunned by the incredible interior.

The property in Raleigh, North Caroline, includes a stunning pool, gorgeous furniture – oh, and a grand concert hall for all your piano playing needs.

It’s now on the market with estate agents Allen Tate, which describes it as a house filled with “classic elegance with refined simplicity.”

The property is listed for more than one million dollars and is already being talked about on social media thanks to its truly incredible interior.

One fan joked: “Until now, I have never wanted to buy a $1 million house… Call it $2 million, once I install fiber and a kickass dance floor.”

Another said: “I think it would be awesome! For most of us though after a couple of mediocre concerts from Aunt Wilma.

“The room would become a storage area just like the workout room.”

A third said: “If this house doesn’t come with Billy Joel, I don’t want it.”

One person had a good point to consider if you plan to hold parties there once coronavirus restrictions lift.

They joked: “Imagine you’re at a party and the guy with a guitar makes everyone go into the concert hall and listen to him play Wonderwall.”

In addition to the grand concert hall, the house has five bedrooms, an office and exercise room upstairs.

Outsider, there is a pool and veranda to soak up the sun on, along with a huge kitchen and living room.

All the bedrooms include a double bed, and three have connecting ensuites.

Meanwhile, the incredible concert hall includes seats for more than thirty people, and three grand pianos.

The incredible chandelier hanging from the ceiling featured in in the classic James Bond movie ‘Die Another Day.’

The concert hall was added by tech entrepreneur John Q. Walker, who loves playing piano.

He even visited famous composer Richard Wagner’s house in Germany – to study how to create the perfect home audio experience.

But he is now selling the incredible home, in part due to the pandemic, which has halted any opportunity to hold a concert.

And incredible, the home owner doesn’t mind if the buyer doesn’t fancy keeping the concert hall.

He told the News & Observer : “If you want to turn it into an Airbnb, or you want to store your luggage in there, or make it up squash court, I can’t do anything about it.”

The property listing on Zillow states: “The grand concert hall, an architectural and acoustic masterpiece is the site of untold concerts, recordings, galas by many of the world’s best-known performers.”

People were left raving over the house on Twitter, with one woman commenting: “Omg. Pianos with concert hall? Lap pool? Add dance studio and that would be my dream house!”

Another asked a friend: “Wanna go halfsies? You can convert the concert hall into mini Broadway and I need that pool in my life.”

One fan commented: “Forget the karaoke room when you can have a damn CONCERT HALL.”

Another added: “This is my heaven! I personally have two pianos but I wouldn’t object to three if I had the space – NY Steinway, Hamburg Steinway and maybe Bosendorfer.

“Would be pretty rad to have a harpsichord instead.”